Hey there! I'm Farnaz Jahanbakhsh.

I'm currently a 2nd-year Master's student in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC).

Here, have a look at my CV .

My Research Projects

Here’s some of my research projects.

Psychological safety vs group composition

In this ongoing project, we are trying to promote psychological safety in student teams and study how team composition matters relative to factors that could be influenced after the teams have been formed.

Stakeholder perceptions of automated team formation

We studied how students and instructors perceive team formation tools, where these perceptions clash, and what instructors and tool designers can do to address the identified issues. The paper we wrote on the project is to appear in ACM CHI 2017 and was awarded Best Paper award.

A new force measurement system for a Smart Chair

I designed and implemented a circuitry for sending forces applied in different locations of a Smart Chair to the chair's processor as a stream. This helps infer the body posture of the occupant.

Testing Ariana's TTS system

I implemented a benchmark for Text-To-Speech systems for the Persian language and developped a model of the errors that can occur.

Here's some of my other projects I think are cool.

Incident In Tehran

I was a developper in this commercial 3rd person shooter video game for PC. This game was built with the Unity game engine and was released to the market in 2012.

N00b Sports

Also a developper in this game of little creatures playing sports with an adversary. The game's demo was displayed in Dubai World Game Expo 2011.

Ghost in CE

I developped this first person video game of hunting keys and avoiding ghosts using the Unity game engine.


Designed and developped a Twitter-like micro-blogging website for visualizing and archiving emotions based on Parrott's classification of emotions.


Developped a Pinterest-style website for sharing one's style with others; specifically, making boards of items of clothing that one thinks go together!


Designed and developped an online shopping store for selling and buying clothes and accessories.


Developped a voting plugin for Facebook, designed specifically for events, as a project for the course User Interface Design


Implemented a modified version of the Bittorent protocol for the course Computer Networks.

Petri Net Emulator

I implemented a Petri Net emulator on linux platform using C++, as the final project for the course Realtime Systems.


I designed and developped Eggheads, a website for sharing one’s ideas and making contracts with others who have the means or the inclination of realizing them.

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